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Whispered words

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3rd March 2005

sleazemonkey10:39pm: stolen from linkfrenzy, this got my attention.
Current Mood: exhausted

9th June 2004

sleazemonkey2:34am: So
This venus occluding the sun
Do people think this is at all spiritually significant?
Cos Ive been feeling *wierd*
Current Mood: weird
sleazemonkey2:34am: So
This venus occluding the sun
Do people think this is at all spiritually significant?
Cos Ive been feeling *wierd*
(cynics- please dont comment. im looking for some ookie kookie ideas)
Current Mood: weird

16th November 2003

ahna10:22am: Hi all....:)

my name is Lauren, and I am wondering if anyone out there has a few spare lj codes that I could give to a few friends?? if so I would be extremely greatfull!! :)

Thanks alot! :)


(X posted...sorry :()

14th October 2003

jilavre1:24am: Meditations
I was recently discussing meditation and grounding with lycaonia.
Now I am wondering if anyone has any thoughts they'd like to share on the topic?

Maybe we could get a discussion going?
Current Mood: sleepy

18th August 2003

miss_rynn3:50pm: Tarot Card
no shit SherlockCollapse )

Somehow, I find this very amusing.

10th August 2003

miss_rynn7:15pm: Music and Meditation
The theory behind many of the voodoo/voudoun rituals (and many others, but this is the one I am more familiar with) is that the repetitive beat of drums or chanting and the like can help someone enter into a trance. I have always found meditation very difficult, being one of those thinking-too-fast people. Coincidentally enough, I also cannot stand being in quiet or silent room. I go a bit wacky and stand drumming my fingers or tapping my foot, anything to make some noise.

This is interesting to me because while I can't sit down in a quiet room and meditate, something about dancing in clubs can get me into a strange trace-like state. This is really odd, because I'm surrounded by strangers (and I am very private about what I do) in an unfamiliar environment (and I only like doing things where I am comfortable).

But it can get to a point after I have been dancing for a long while that I am no-longer moving to the music, but the music is moving me. I no-longer exist seperate from it. Nothing else exists, just the heat and the sweat and the beat. That sudden experience of my mind opening up and taking in everything around me, but not processing it. Just letting it wash over me.

I don't know. I've always been attracted to the practices of voodoo, they just seem to make sense. Wouldn't it make sense that the whole music/beat thing would be part of that? On the other hand, I don't really want to be having that sort of experience infront of strangers who wouldn't understand. But maybe it is the fact that I am dancing infront of them, performing for them, even though at my core I am very shy about people I don't know. Challenging the borders of my comfort, so force myself to confront the unknown.

Hmm. Any ideas?
Current Mood: curious

5th August 2003

miss_rynn7:50pm: Australian Law
Just so you all know, the law is on our side.

Current Mood: pleased
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